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If attempting to carry out any of the retrofits on my site, please remember that you do so at your own risk. Please ensure you know what you are doing as this is not a support site. The information is only provided from my own personal experience. If you require any advice concerning upgrades, or anything else Jaguar related, then www.jaguarforum.com is a great place to go.

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Fitting Bluetooth for Phone

This Project is currently undergoing some work to add new content.


• X-type phone loom (1X43-19A442-GAA)
• PSE Phone Module (2W93-19K350-AD)
• BTUM (2W93-14B409-AD)
• External Microphone

It is acceptable to keep the BTUM in the boot, fixed to the carpet lining behind the rear seat. This saves the hassle of having to route the cable under the carpet and through to the centre console. Two plugs do need to be plugged in under the passenger side rear seat cushion.

Only one pin will need to be moved from the 10-pin connector when converting a GSM harness to work with the BTUM. Pin 4 needs to move to Pin 1.

Six pins need to be moved around in the PSE connector, see table below:

1 6   1 n/c
2 26   2 8
3 1   3 24
4 n/c   4 1
5 20   5 20
6 22   6 22
7 10   7 26
8 2   8 3
9 3   9 7
10 n/c   10 n/c


Put the system into ‘discovery mode’ by selecting ##3#*# send

On phone, select ‘Jaguar’ and enter the pin 1313

More details coming soon.

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