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Reverse Park Control


It remains the driver’s responsibility to detect obstacles and estimate the car’s distance from them. Some overhanging objects, barriers, thin obstructions or painted surfaces which could possibly cause damage to the vehicle may not be detected by the system. Always be vigilant when reversing.

This parking aid, when reverse gear is selected and ignition on, automatically provides an audible proximity warning when reversing the vehicle. If an object is detected, a beep tone will be heard, which increases in rate as the vehicle approaches the object.

At approximately 8 inches (200mm) the beep will become continuous for three seconds and is then automatically turned off.

Reverse park control is automatically switched off if a trailer is attached to the vehicle.

If the system has a fault when engaging reverse gear then a single, three second tone only will be heard.


  1. For reliable operation, the four sensors in the rear bumper should be kept free from ice and grime.
  2. When using a high pressure spray the sensors should only be sprayed briefly and not from a distance of less than 8inches (200 mm).

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