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How to bypass a forgotten radio code

So you’ve changed your car battery or had some work done that required disconnecting the battery and you suddenly realise that you need to enter that pesky 4-digit code before you can using the radio/cd. But, you can’t find it, or didn’t get given it when you bought the car.

Don’t panic!

For many people, this simple key-press procedure will work, depending on the manufacture date of the CD/Radio headunit. Earlier units will work, but later ones most likely won’t. Changeover date appears to be around late 2005.

Press...      >>      PTY      and      A.MEM      on the radio simultaneously and hold for a second or two.

The radio should burst into life. If it doesn’t work the first time, try again.

However, if your unit is too new for this bypass method, you have another couple of options.

  1. If you call a Jaguar main dealer, give them the last few digits of your VIN, they should be able to provide you with the unlock code (this assumes that the headunit is the original factory fit and has not been replaced/upgraded)
  2. Use an online service such as www.radiocodes.co.uk. You’ll need the serial number engraved into the underside of the cd/radio headunit, and you’ll need to remove the unit to get to this.

I’ve used www.radiocodes.co.uk myself a couple of times and they’ve always provided the codes quickly (within minutes) and have always worked. The most cost-effective method is via their EBay Store with a current listing (April 2019) offering this service for just 99p. RadioCodesUK X-Type Radio Code


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