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Reprogramming a remote key fob

Sometimes it's necessary or required to reprogramme your remote key fob, for example if your key fob battery is completely dead.

This procedure will pair / reprogramme your key fobs to enable lock/unlock functions and buttons to operate correctly. This does not include re-coding the key fobs RF transponder to enable you to start the vehicle.

  1. It would be wise to ensure all key fobs are clean and fitted with new batteries
  2. Sit in the drivers seat and ensure the drivers door is closed (although some people report that it only works for them when the driver's door is open)
  3. With the key in the ignition, to position I
  4. Wait 5 seconds
  5. Then turn the key quickly to position II then back to position I a total of four times. (This step must only be carried out once as this generates the new key code)
  6. You should hear a single chime
  7. Now remove the key
  8. For each of your key fobs, in quick succession:  Press any single button on the key fob you wish to pair. You should hear a chime as each key fob is paired with the security system. After the chime press a button on the next key fob you wish to pair
  9. Once you have completed pairing all your key fobs, wait 3 minutes then check the operation of each key fob by locking/unlocking the vehicle

Important Note: All the fobs that you wish to use MUST be paired at the same time. Every time you operate the key as in step 5 above the code will be changed and previously programmed fobs will no longer work until they are all repaired, at the same time.

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