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The X-Type Model Years

Model Year VIN Start Note
2001 from C00344 Introduction of V6 2.5L and V6 3.0L Petrol Engines
2002 from C42385  
2002.25 from C59261 Introduction of V6 2.0L Petrol Engine
2003 from D01808  
2004 from D56272 Introduction of in-line 4 cylinder 2.0L Diesel Engine
2004.5 from D86655 Introduction of Estate
2005 from E19616  
2005.5 from E46483  
2006 from E67744  
2006.25 from E73994 Introduction of in-line 4 cylinder 2.2L Diesel Engine
2007 from J04731  
2008 from J28493  
2009 from J39906  

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