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What Type/Size of Battery should I use?

For both the Petrol and Diesel X-Type - Lucas LP110 or equivalent

When disconnecting a car battery ALWAYS disconnect the NEGATIVE (BLACK '-') terminal FIRST, followed by the positive (red '+') terminal. When reconnecting you do so in reverse order so reconnect the positive terminal first remembering to tighten the nuts on each terminal.

Remember, you will need to re-enter your radio code and reset your windows after reconnecting the battery.

Technology Wet
Capacity 80 Ah
CCA (EN) 800 A
Dimensions 315 x 175 x 175 mm (LxWxH - inc terminals)

Options include:

  • Bosch S4 010 - 12V 80Ah 740A
  • Bosch S5 010 - 12V 85Ah 800A
  • Enduroline 110 - 12V 80Ah 720A
  • Exide 110TE - 12V 85Ah 800A
  • Varta F17 - 12V 80Ah 740A
  • Varta F18 - 12V 85Ah 800A
  • Yuasa YBX3110 - 12V 80Ah 760A
  • Yuasa YBX5110 - 12V 85Ah 800A

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