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Decode the Jaguar Part Number

This document refers to the long Jaguar part number found on pretty much anything bigger than a nut, bolt, washer, etc. This system is a throwback to Ford Ownership which continues under todays current owners, TATA.

Using 1X43-18C830-AB as an example, a CD Changer.

1X43 is the Prefix

  • 1 is the year the part was 1st introduced for a specific models introduction
  • X4 is the actual range of vehicle it was fitted to
  • 3 indicates which part of Jaguar had the design responsibility, for our needs this can be disregarded

So this prefix indicates the part was introduced in 2001 for an X-Type (X400).

18C830 is the Master Part Number

  • It signifies the actual family of parts it comes from
  • It will appear on different models eg, 15K866 is a Park Distance Control Module
  • It is not a unique part number, for that C2C12345 format part numbers come into play.

AA is the Suffix - information on Edition & Revision

  • AA would indicate the 1st production of an item, its original design
  • Second letter change to AB, AC, etc indicates the items design has been changed, B = 1st revision, C = 2nd revision and so on, same part with the same function
  • First letter change to BA, CA, etc indicates a part with the same function as AA, but slightly different in manufacture or (possibly manufacturer, confirmation req)
  • Both letter change to BB, BC, etc is a mix of the 2 previous points

A note of caution, some parts have more than one variant (eg. the PDC has 2 variants, a 4 channel and an 8 channel). Following the above breakdown will not decipher which you need, for that you will need to know if the part you've taken off shares the same location as another with enhanced abilities. The AC compressor is another example, being either 2 zone or 4 zone climate control. In both instances I can confirm the actual parts indicate this difference.

Prefix - 1st Character - Year

  • X = 1999
  • Y = 2000
  • 1-9 = 2001-2009
  • A-R = 2010-2024 (I is not used)

Prefix - 2nd & 3rd Characters - Model

  • R8 = S Type, X200
  • W8 = XK8 & XKR, X100 - X150
  • W9 = XJ Series, X300 - X350 - X358 - X351 - X360 (future XJ)
  • X1 = F Type, X152 (was X600)
  • X2 = XF, X250 - X260 - X270
  • X4 = X Type, X400
  • X6 = XE, X760

With thanks to Richard Kilner for his diligent efforts researching this information.

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