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Advanced occupant restraint system error codes

The airbag warning light in the instrument cluster will be lit for approximately six seconds when the ignition is turned on. If the light remains on or flashes it indicates a fault within the airbag electrical circuits.

Count the number of initial flashes (for the first digit of the code) and then, after the pause, count the second group of flashes (for the second digit).

13 - Crash data memory full
16 - Passenger seat weight sensor CAN fault
17 - Passenger spatial sensor CAN fault
18 - Passenger airbag deactivate lamp circuit fault
19 - Airbag circuit status fault – driver
21 - Airbag circuit status fault – passenger
22 - Side Airbag circuit fault – driver
23 - Side Airbag circuit fault – passenger
24 - RCM (restraints control module) internal fault
33 - Seat Belt Pretension fault – driver
34 - Seat Belt Pretension fault – passenger
42 - Impact sensor circuit fault – front
43 - Impact sensor circuit fault – driver side
44 - Impact sensor circuit fault – passenger side
51 - Seat belt switch circuit fault – driver
52 - Seat belt switch circuit fault – passenger
53 - Airbag audible warning circuit fault
54 - RCM configuration failure

You should report the fault to a Jaguar Dealer immediately.

According to the Jaguar owners manual, it is safe to drive the vehicle; however, in an accident the airbags may not operate.

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